Stockton mourns the loss of Tamara Kay Ruter
About Stockton Elementary School

Stockton Elementary School features a superb faculty dedicated to student learning and achievement. The school has fully implemented a Response to Intervention program that is very highly regarded in the State of Illinois. This program provides extra assistance and instruction for students needing extra help in the areas of reading and math. Two certified teachers serve as Title I instructors, and a speech pathologist works with students in all grades. Starting in the fall of the 2009-2010 school year, Stockton Elementary School has featured a universal pre-kindergarten for all students. Highly dedicated teacher assistants support the academic program.

Casey Downey currently serves as the principal for the Elementary School.

Bullying and Harrassment

The District does not tolerate acts of bullying and harassment on any prohibited basis, including acts of harassment based on disability, race and gender. The District has recently adopted revised bullying and harassment policies, which are available at Any person who believes he or she has been subjected to harassment or a hostile environment should report the harassment or hostile environment to the District and the District will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation into the complaint. Persons who are found to have engaged in acts of harassment or other acts that create a hostile environment will be promptly disciplined in a manner consistent with the District’s anti-harassment and bullying policies and the student code of conduct. Bullying and harassment are best prevented by students, parents and District staff working together to identify and respond to such acts.

7:20 Sexual Harassment of Students Prohibited

7:180 Bullying, Intimidation and Harassment of Student Prohibited